Friday, August 22, 2014

My Fragrance Collections (2014)

To be honest, i am very very very keen to update my blog of course, but ya know, i was too busy, with life! 
This working life is too hectic and don't worry i am working on it! ;)

Ok so this time 'round i want reveal my fragrances collections for these two years (i think, at least)...
Fragrances can include perfumes, body mists, lotions, body cream, body butter, strawberry jam, EDT, EDP, ETC... (ok yang strawberry jam & ETC tu i gurau je jangan la marah)...
But today i only gonna reveal certain perfumes & body mists which is still exists in my collections!


Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs - Limited Edition

This is the perfume i got recently, just bought it! Love love loveee the smells! So soft & floral!
My kind of perfume! and i feel pretty when i applying it!

Honey by Marc Jacobs

This has been in my wishlist for quite a while until my papa bought it for me, it was when he went to get his perfume and he saw me staring at this MJ Honey (saje mengada-ngada bagi2 hint tak nak cakap direct!) and he asked, "nak ke, belilah!" Hehehe...

Love loveeee the smells! It super sweet! and yummy! and cute too!

Flora by Gucci

This one, i didnt want to buy at first but been forced by my papa because it was on sales kinda thing and he can't resist sales, plus we need to use up our voucher (bought this in Metrojaya actually)  and since everyone elses has gotten their perfumes! 

Love the smells, obviously it floral & it smooth and gentle

Tease by Paris Hilton

Believe it or not, i got this perfume by winning an online contest by a local magazine...
The smell is quite strong, i dont favor this one, but it free mannn...

Guilty by Gucci

This is the famous one... I only got a sample of this perfume...
It ok... but since it a bit strong, so i don't like it so much...

Love Spell by Victoria Secret

Come on! Who doesnt know Love Spell right!
My mom dont want it anymore so now i own it! :p

Body Mists

Bombshell by Victoria Secret

I loveeee this so much! It a present, anyway, from my secret admirer! Haha, no la, it from Ijat of course! He gave me a full set with a lotion and a shower gel! 


Pure Seduction by Victoria Secret

I bought this, so i love this!

Tropical Paradise by Victoria Secret

If u realise, my body mists are only from VS... Yes it true, i never tried any other brands 'cause i already in love with Victoria Secret body mists!!!

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