Friday, April 4, 2014

Fried or Grilled!

Well, i bet everyones know where did that fish dish is from! 
Interestingly, it only cost MYR 7.99!!!!! 

Grilled Cherry Snapper
with warm veges & mashed potatoes
RM 7.99

Deep Fried Dory 
with cold salad & chips
RM 6.99

Both the fish and chips are well cooked & super yummy!!!

The promotion ends today man! 
Go grab your lunch! or dinner! Before it too late... 

I only realized this yesterday, so Izzat & I immediately go grab it!

Besides, we also ordered a Tortilla (RM 3.90) & a moctail

Gummy bear
RM 3.90

(I seldom like soda, but this one, delicious!)

Besides, this promotion comes just in time! 
Assumes that we celebrated our another monthiversary together, here! Yeah, with fish... 

So, love & hugs
And extra  for  you-know-who

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