Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Artisan Roast @ Bangsar Village

Yeah i AM a coffee lover, now! Izzat taught me...
I loves coffee since last time, but i'm not obsessed over coffee shops... Or maybe last time, there's not so many fancy/cute coffee shops in malaysia, YET! 
Or, another reason might be, i was just a kid back then! Mana gheti nak fancy coffee! Haha! but, kids nowadays, phew *lap peluh*... Ok, no tak nak la lari topic! 
Since i know him, sikit2 'buat kopi ya belalang'...

Nowadays, mana je coffee shops we heard about, we're so eager to try! 
ARTISAN ROAST is one of them! 
We went to the Bangsar Village branch!

I love the shop! Small but sweet! Of course environment wise, it cant be compared to starbucks, but still they have a kick of english coffee shops styles!(like the PLL's coffee shop!) 
Love it! PLUS, the service is very good

We choose a corner over here to talk 'cause no one want to sit here! just us! ;)

I ordered Black Coffee (RM 6) and he ordered cappuccino (RM 11)

i choose black coffee 'cause i need something lighter to accompany the cheesecake i ordered!

Cheesecake (RM 11)

The cheesecake was yumms! Really! One of the best cheesecake i've ever tasted! 
Should try!!! go try 'em! highly recommended! ;)
missing the cheesecake already :((((

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