Sunday, December 22, 2013

#Recipe : Longan Pudding with Nestle Natural Set Yogurt

Salam. Hi... This post is about, food (as stated in the title, blergh)...
Tak nak carita panjang, so what do u know bout yogurt? well, it healthy, tasty & always being my choice for quick breakfast in class! But what u just discovered is, we can just add it in our cooking, most of the dish, and tadaaaaa, your food becomes healthier! :p

The best yogurt in town is, Nestle Natural Set Yogurt

Bought it recently tau! ;p It is...
=> Love in fat
=> No sugar added 
=>Contains calcium
=> No coloring

Perfect choice for your meal! ;)

So, now i would like to share a recipe, a dessert actually!
This post is sponsored by Nestle Natural Set Yogurt & therefore this recipe gonna contain the yogurt which will make it more tastier & healthier!
Senang je! Lets see...

Longan Pudding with Nestle Natural Set Yogurt

Agar-agar (1 packet) ~ Susu cair (1 tin) ~ Longan in syrup (1 tin) ~ Sugar (1 cawan) ~ Nestle Natural Set Yogurt (5 sudu besar) ~ Some/Any fruits untuk hiasan (i used longan & strawberry untuk effect masam + manis!!!)

1.Mula2, masak agar2 dengan sedikit air sampai hancur di atas api perlahan. Masukkan gula & biar ia hancur juga.

2. Sambil itu, blend together longan dalam tin tadi with the YOGURT!

3. Setelah agar2 & gula dah hancur, masukkan susu cair and kacau.

4. After that masukkan pulak longan & yogurt yang dah di blend tadi.

5. Tutup api. Masukkan pudding yang telah dimasak ke dalam bekas & sejukkan.

6. Setelah agak sejuk, hiaskan sesuka hati & masukkan ke dalam refirigerator sebab ia akan jadi ermmm yummy3x sangat bila dihidangkan sejuk2!!!

That's all! Thank you :)

AND!!! Do check out Nestle website often
Coz there is lots lots of exciting contests for u to join! And u can also check out all their products there! ;)

*Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post.

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