Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Weekend Activity with Love ♥

It fun to do something else with ur loved ones rather than going to the malls ya know 
(However going to the mall is still no.1 in the dating list!) :p

So last weekend, we decided to go PICNIC!
It our 1st attempt! And he said it was fun! It just when we're just started to play Uno, then it raining, hmm~ That's one thing about outdoor activity, it depend on the weather
Luckily we already eat a lil bit & feel the breeze and all that! 

When the rain stopped, we went cycling! and i never knew that Taman Botani Putrajaya has such a splendid view, look at the pictures! 
Yeah the view of the water dam, beautiful! 
 Yelah cuba teka siapa snap that picture for us, ada tourists, mat salleh lagi...! Tips nak minta tolong orang tangkap gambar, kita buat2 tanya dia dulu, nak kita tangkapkan gambar dia tak! ;)

I really would like to share more about picnic with you guys you know! But tu lah, tunggu i jadi picnic expert first! heee~ ;) 

Till then ! ;) 


Liza Nova said...

wah bestnya fifa... romantik giteww!

A Girl Like You said...

iye kak! Akak pun try la! tapi bawa baby sekali lah kan! ;) lagi best tuuu~ ;)