Friday, August 9, 2013

Raya shopping ♥

First thing first, happy 2nd of Syawal! :)

Well this time 'round, as i mentioned before, i'm kinda  busy with college kan! ;(
So i only managed to go shopping around 4 times kot, but only 2 times for SERIOUS shopping, the other 2 tu casual shopping je! ;( itu pun plus sekali shopping for tudung je! Eventhough my college just sebelah je dengan sunway pyramid and i even park my car in a shopping mall everyday, doesnt mean that i managed to go shopping EVERYDAY! :p haha! Kalau dulu, i can go shopping whenever i want ya know! ;(

So this time round, i managed to shopped with my parents for handbag, scarfs and some clothes; as well as, shopped with my loves one, for more clothes and shoes, and some cosmetics and also shawls...! This time 'round i managed to go to Sunway Pyramid, The Gardens & Midvalley ONLY... 

Some of my favourite items right here!
I'm always loving blouses from Belle, so i bought few from there plus some from MNG & CK Jeans; got my handbag from my all time favourite store, GUESS; and bought some shoes too...
AND i am in love with the new lipstick color i got from M.A.C. and also, i'm in  with RM10 shawls  got from Jalan Tar! There're a lots of adorable shawls there nowadays! Dulu2 i tak berkenan sangat :p

However, there's not so much sales for raya la! I think i still have to go for shopping trip after raya because i wanted to get a skirt in this one boutique which was closed when i went there last time! erghhh! Takpe2, i will try my luck again! ;) 

My faithful shopping partner 

p/s : Cant wait to teman him go get his ordered shirt, sebab, then there is a reason for me to go shopping! ;)


Lieya Von Jay said...

wah banyak nya membeli ^-^

A Girl Like You said...

perempuan kalau dah shopping :p