Saturday, August 31, 2013


AS u can see, well, i'm done with mmu (Multimedia University), close the books! 
MMU has became a history to me, yeayyy! 
A sweet history which i'll always keep in mind

We're not done yet, no way! :p

Anyway, he will be entering career world
Good luck to u, baby!
And i will still be in my this world, struggling, studying, which i havent see the end point of this journey i took
All i can think about is, i'm gonna fail my paper, one by one, this time! 
Really, pray for me, people, i really need those! ;(
I think i juz get out from a sweet nice dream to a whole nightmare! 
Sorry that i always complained here... 

And now!!! Exciting part! i'm compiling my convocation pictures, and pre convocation photos somemore, to be uploaded here, untuk kenang-kenangan k, and untuk tatapan, if ada yang nak menatap ;)

Hee~ till then! :) and hmm, dont get bored with my pictures yeah! begging u! ;pp 

See ya in the next post!

And one MORE thing, HAPPY MERDEKA DAY people! 
I love Malaysia, always! I mean it :) 


Mieza Jhaa K said...

Semoga berjaya dunia dan akhirat.. selamat berkenalan..thanks singgah blog akak..

A Girl Like You said...

Thanks! and thanks! :)

prettyinpink said...

congrats!!! Thanks for the a follower =)

A Girl Like You said...

thank u dear! welcome to a malaysian's blog! Hope u'll enjoy ;)

ain syafieqa said...

tengok gambar tu rasa tak sabar nak graduate.
please support my new blog.