Saturday, June 29, 2013

Spencer's, Hanna's, Aria's & Emily's Room (Pretty Little Liars)

If you watch Pretty Little Liars, u'll know... their interior decor is one of the things that would catch ur eyes, besides the girls, their styles, and the unsolved mystery 


Spencer Hasting's 

One of my favourite girl in the series... 
She's pretty, smart, wealthy, dedicated, stylish and her wardrobe is pretty much preppy yet classic!

Her bedroom decor can be conclude as classy and classic... 

Her wall is decorated with the french wallpaper which bring out the sense of classic english!

the red leather chaise-lounge as well as the standing lamp in her room lead to the modern view of her room
seems fun to have that in ur room!

Her working corner fulls of sticky notes and books shows her dedications and hardwork
Also, some photograph on her desk  which shows the sweet side of her who treasured memories, too!

and her room entrance and the door, painted white, bring out the classy and classic mood, 

I love her room which full of characters!
 modern, classic, sweet & classy!

Hanna Marin's

Hanna is the 'it' girl in her school... She's hot, pretty, confident and being popular is matter to her, but being a true friend to her girls matters more! One word that could describe her style, GIRLISH!

Her bed : Purple bedsheets shows her girlish side and her bed decorated with different pattern throw pillows...
Her side tables accessorized with girls favourites such as photographs and her night stands are shiny white and also decorated with accessories such as the butterfly thingy, which give a modern and sweet looks to her room

Her vanity table...
Fills with perfumes, cosmetics, nail polishes... Wow! A girl can dream!

Something unique in her room! I want one but i afraid that i'll got scared at night!

Hanna's room also featured a second bed/couch, great spot to chill...!

Her room, really decorated with lots of lighting~ love it!

Loving her room too! Very girls thing!

Emily Field's

She's atheletic, shy and sweet one in the group, but that doesnt mean she dont know fashion! ;) Her style is quite inspiring tooo!

Her room is one of my favourite too! Painted with yellow gives a sweet happy feelings to her room!

Her bedsheet was also in light color and yellowish!

A windowsit in her room, everyone's favourite huh! My favourite spot in her room!
Also decorated with white printed cushion which is very sweet!

Her room festured a country style woking desk & wardrobe which is very, COUNTRY!
And she placed things with sentimental value on her table as well which portray her sensitive character.

In conclusion, Em's room is feminine & sweet... Every girl's dreamy room...

Aria Montgomery's

Aria is describes as the artsy girl in the group. She's petite, cute and her style is very bohemian! She wear sneakers, cute boots, and sometimes cute flats too!

Her bed seems so comfy... But for me her room is a lil bit dark with the selections of mysterious colors!
(nice but not my favourite)

Artistic colorful throw pillows on her bed, cute!

Her window also completed with a windowsit with some cushions too! Nice...
One thing i love about her room is the angle in every corner of her room, it unique, looks like an attic, but it not...

Spot her table lamp, i love that one, and the stand is eiffel tower, if u realize!

And finally her study table, a classic wood table... mysterious huh~ :p



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Miss Fireflies said...

wait....wait for it...u love PLL too???goshhh same here! I baru last night tengok latest episode dia.I prefer Aria's bedroom :) siapa tah si A ni :(