Friday, February 8, 2013

Liyana Jasmay's Wedding Dress

She's the princess & i always love her! 
And on her wedding, her dress make her a real princess

From what i read, this white dress is from Jovian Mandagie...
3 words i would use to describe the dress : Modern, elegant & princess!

She's the cutest bride i've ever seen!

Her wedding definitely a big thing... Coz everything seems so perfect! 
Tema untuk wedding Liyana Jasmay is :  "Classic Old Hollywood Glam"
 Loving the theme of her wedding as well! So loaded with flowers! 

This pink dress's designer is  Rizman Ruzaini (from what i read)...

And i definitely have no problem with her ponytail because it unique & it suits her...

Really, she's the cutest bride ever!

What i love most about LJ's wedding dresses is lace, lace & lace
I love lace! 
Loving her dresses so very much! 

P/s : All images are from google!

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