Friday, December 14, 2012

Hi! Been busy, with exams and i miss updating my blog
And gonna having another paper this coming monday...
Should be studying and bukan berangan sekarang... k k bye! :p

Wish me luck! 

p/s : I have two important birthdays coming up so soon! One, a boy that i've been living with since he's a baby, i can't believe he's a big big boy now, but he's still always be a baby, immature baby in my eyes! And another one is a guy that i just knew for few years, but i don't think i can live without him now... i would not like to try to live without him unless i really have to... i dont want to stop, being with u ;(


Anonymous said...

I love u,always...<3

nyatie gadies said...

nice blog and nice to know u :)