Saturday, December 15, 2012

I need...

I need new outfits!!! 

Really seriouslyyy! 
I need new tops, new pants, new jeans, new shoes, new handbags (especially), new dress maybe, new lipsticks, new eyeliner!!! 

All of the above are in my mind right now!!! 
Want all of it! :p
Can't u see how badly i want to shop? :( 
Plus i just go browse M.A.C. lipsticks yesterday and i like them! 
Papa... Read my blog please? :p ur daugther needs more allowances? 

Okay, first thing first, kuruskan badan dulu, then baru shopping okayyyy!

And all these pictures looking so amazing! Love the colors matching!!! :)

p/s : Coz i think i need to spend my money on other stuffs first! ;)


Britt said...

this makes me desperately want to shop as well. Maybe I'll drop a hint to my dad as well...

nurulakmal said...

kumpul duit dalam tabung.. :)

A Girl Like You said...

Britt : yeah! we should!!! ;)

nurulakmal : yes! exactly! ;)