Friday, October 5, 2012

Vivo American Pizza and Panini

Assalamualikum, (yes i memang sangat sopan)...

Izzat & I had lunch at this restaurant... This is our second time... So, enjoy my post bout how we enjoyed our food, ehehe! :p

Mula2 i tak nak post entry ni sebab tak banyak sangat makanan tapi sebab dah ter-edit gambar, so i post je lah k...

Even the speciality are more to pizza & panini (What), however we did not ordered that because we are not in the mood of pizza... 

 I ordered Smoked Salmon Spaghetti
RM 18.90

 He ordered Tropical BBQ Chicken Chop
RM 16.90
served with fries, sallad & pineapple,,, haaa?

For me, the spaghetti taste good, i really satisfied... And the chicken is also taste good, but it kinda fattening, trust me... 

Ok soooo gonna try the other menu next time coz this restaurant offer a wide selection of foods! Going to check out their pizza next time! ;) Till then! ;)


Anonymous said...

wow,saya suka la baca blog awak..
hensem btul bf awak..

A Girl Like You said...

yes sayang i know it u, sebab, xde siapa2 lg yg rasa boyfriend saya handsome~ :p hee!