Monday, July 2, 2012

London Summer Musical

The photo took by izzat, that's explain why it ugly right! :p

Thank u nuffnang for the tickets!And super thank u, ijat ;p for your time,and go took the tickets in KL (nuffnang office) though u were busy! ;( thanksssss! i was surprised! ;pp hee~

London Summer Musical is a musical show (obviously) performed in Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre!

The story is easy going, fun & just, realllyyyy fun!
The musical started with the three beautiful stewardess penny, cindy & crystal just landed in London. And from there, they met two cute British guys, while Penny, she has her own history in London!

Read more here from the NST website!

The three American's stewardess, Cindy, Crystal & Penny.

Ohhhh~ The prince met the princess?
Dongak sikit ye, tengok atas...

My favourite stewardess, Crystal (i think) with her partner...

The dancers!

The choreography was awesome!


Before watching the musical, i had dinner in Ayam Penyet Express, i think this is the best ayam penyet compared to Ria & AP...~

Line up to enter the theatre!

Okay, is this my best outfit in the wardrobe?! Oh, blame the "surprise" tickets! i just came back from work, ayu la konon jumaat kan pakai baju kurung sopan gitu! Dinner, maghrib dekat Sunway Pyramid, lepas tu chow tengok musical trus! Cantik perangai! ;p

Bukti2 kami masuk sunway pyramid, for freeeeeeeee~ ;p

My first time okay, oh myyy~

Lastly, thank u nuffnang, we enjoyed the show! We? i enjoyed the show!!! Thank u sayang for being so nice took the ticket for me... :)

p/s : Btw, masa nak balik tu, terserempak dengan William dlm musical ni, handsome gilaaaaa! ;(( i fall in love aww~

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