Saturday, April 7, 2012

#Review : Mirror Mirror

"Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest among all"

I watched this movie last Sunday, and i would rate this movie 4 ½ stars! Ok, it is Snow White concept, but in a very different perspective, this is a really CUTE movie this year! Trust me!

Julia Roberts act as Queen Clementianna, the mean queen, *but cute* :p
She is the reason why i wanted to watch this movie sooo much!
JULIA ROBERT is the reason!
And she played her part perfectly! Cruel, mean, heartless, creepy at times!

Lily Collins as Snow White... For me, she's not that cute on the poster... But damn, she's adorably cute & pretty &supercute in her character!!! Maybe because she's very fair... I started to like her!


"One of God's mystery is His plan for us"

"We'll teach her to believe"

"Love can be so difficult."

"Love always is."

"The princess is more than capable in handling her ownself!"

"Weakness is only a weakness if you think of it that way..."

Why i love this movie?
1. Because the Snow White, is cute, aggressive, brave & independent *not a typical princess!*
2. Because the queen is mean but cute & funny at the same time!
3. Because of the ending of this movie!

Yeah! Speaking of the ending of this movie! IT IS MY FAVOURITE!!!
Who loves hindi movie? hmm! U should watch this and you will know! ;)

This is a fairytale, but it is not just a fairytale, it is more than that!!!
*lebih2 betul i promote!*

"It is important to know when you've been beaten"

p/s : those are the quotes from the movie!

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