Friday, August 26, 2011

Churpout @ MekT Restaurant

Hi2... U guys might wondering what is Churpout right... Oh, it Churp2 Hang Out = ChurpOut
(i think) hihihi...

Well it my first time to join this kind of event... It good to know the other's churpers or bloggers or, anything... And it really good to know, how Churp Churp's work and who's behind the churp2! =) Well i've been invited to this event coz i kinda won a contest =p and i could bring a guest and the guest is you know who... =)

This Churpout is fully sponsored by MekT Restaurant which is located in Puchong... U guys might check out their websites coz there're lotza temptation'ess =p I couldnt upload any photos of those coz i didnt snap any...

I;m with the famous beautiful blogger, Ceeramoon... and her Keisha!!! *geram budak ni da la comel!!!

But frankly speaking, really honestly truly speaking, i thought the foods were biasa je, where can we get better terengganu's foods other than terengganu kan, but may i switch my thought pleaseeeee? The food was AWESOME! Percayalahhhh! The Nasi Ulam, Laksam, Nasi Dagang, Nasi Minyak, Rojak Betik etc, i've tried it all and i like it all! =D

Dengan abang Beautiful Nara pun bolehhh! ;)

Anyway, nice to meet all of you! And thanks to Churp Churp for the invitations, thanks MekT for the nice food, and thanks churpers for the nice churpout! =)

With Hafiz Hamidun

Some more pictures : Credit to

p/s : hope to c u guys again. =) And there's actually more photos from many more cameras but they havent uploaded it yet... or i cant find it yet... ;p

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