Saturday, July 2, 2011

#Review : Monte Carlo

Starring, Leighton Meester & Selena Gomez, that's the MAIN reason this movie has been my "most wanted" in my to watch list!

Remember THIS post i posted ages ago?! It August's post!

Ok, basically, this movie is awesome! I'm not being any bias because the actresses are my favourites in the entire universe, it just, i really love ths kind of movie... it just, my type... COOL! =) It was somekind of typical chick flick & girlish movie with stuffs like dressesboysromance...
But as a chick flick fan, u will love it!!!

Selena Gomez as Grace

Leighton Meester as Meg

And Katie Cassidy as Emma

Selena Gomez as Cordelia (as well)

Leighton meester(Meg) is Selena's(Grace) stepsister, and they went to a vacation in paris with their another friend Katie(Emma). Their vacation turn out to be not-so-fun! but suddenly there's an opportunity for them to pursue their dream and there is where he adventure bigan!

They met a British heiress (Cordelia) that look exactly like Grace and so Grace pretended to be her and i don't know where Cordelia was all that while, she went shopping i think...

And of course, these pretty little liars were exposed in the end of the story, but it not that bad... don't forget to watch!

Lastly, I should say MONTE CARLO is a must watch because i think and i afraid that chick flick movie is dying nowadays!

Go watch it girls!!!

p/s : thanks my boy for watching it with me!!! =p

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