Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Red Riding Hood & Manhattan Fish Market

I get excited whenever i heard any movie that can remind me of my childhood!!! Rapunzel, Red Riding Hood, if there is Goldilocks ke, Snow White ke, Cinderella ke... Then i'll get excited!!!!! ;D

Just now i just watched Red Riding Hood. And it is different from the cute Red Riding Hood story!!!

Honestly speaking, it a worth watching movie! It was actually movie about warewolf!!!
Ade la sikit2 part love, and so very mysterious!!!
Seronok meneka who is actually the warewolf! The main character or the red riding hood named Valarie. In love with a guy, Peter, but Valarie get engaged with another guy named Henrie...

Conclusion! It a worth watching movie!!! Tengok lah ea!!! ;)

Btw, Manhattan Fish Market ade buat offer, student price RM10 nett! Had dinner there! Nice one okies! Pergi jgn x pergi!!! ;)

p/s : Tension dgn assignment? HARUS!!! BERSEBAB!!!

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