Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lagenda Budak Setan

Exams... Hmm... My next paper will be on 10th May... I really can't wait for the exams to finish and i can't wait to enjoy my life... hehehe =p But well, exams first, it not over yet, fifa, jangan nak berangan =p

Focus please... =( which i cant...)

p/s : lamanyer x pergi library, i'm missing library



Watch the trailer first! =D

And here's a movie, recommended by Izza which i can't wait to watch!!! Hmmm...

This movie is adapted from a novel, by Ahadiat Akashah, ya know, the famous novelist =) Yang best, pelakon2 yang stars in this movie, is seriously cool!!! Best!!! Plus, there is my all time favourite actress, FAZURA!!! And also my very very very favourito Jue Aziz!!! Love her too!!! Others are Lisa Surihani, Farid Kamil, Que Haidar... (which one is not talented tell me?)

Why i wanna watch it? Coz from the trailer

~the song is very nice! I love it!
~the actresses...
~the view, the place setting is great(from the trailer, from the trailer)
~The movie is just soooo my type!

The movie gonna release on 3rd of June...

I plan to watch it, we plan to watch it after we back from our holiday... We will come back from our timester break on 6th June, i think, so we gonna watch it after that, i think, is it, kawan2? =p

Whatever, yang penting, i'm sooooo gonna watch it!

p/s : 为什么我的朋友being so 幼稚。。。hmm...

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