Friday, April 16, 2010

SRM Appreciation Dinner

motif gambar ni? sajer jer, nak tunjuk my penampilan yg mcm lecturer, my friends said i looks like a lecturer...=p

Today, went to SRM dinner, di Felda Villa d'saji, KL... The foods was okayyy... Everything was okiesss... At least it fills my night... And i started to miss the foods... Ada grilled chicken, fish, beef, and lamb, kuey tiaw, pudding(but masam sikit buah dier), mushroom soup etc...

The main purpose of this event is, in my opinion lar, eat, get to know each other, and new president!


as usual, our gang

from the coolest table... hehe =p
From left
(Afifah, Athirah, Nadiah, Zira, Nabila, Zaris, Nisham, Luqman, Shahrom)

snap before going back...

(more picture coming soon, promise)
I know this time round, my style is kinda
ugly & not fun~ White Blouse(from my favourite boutique:Sommerset Bay);Formal Long Pants, Shoes(from Bonia), Earings(Jonker Walk), White Handbag(can't remember got it form metrojaya)

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