Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Okie seriously, i feel likes i'm crazy over 3 things right now! Like addicted and cannot stop thinking bout that, and rindu wanna do those activities,hehe...



Like crazy!!!

Haha... Funny kan! =p But the most most most i can't get it out of my head is, paintball! Tak puas lagi main!!! Arghhh! I started to miss paintball, pallets, marker... =(

While the real "activity" i should be addicted to is study!(poyo jer, coz i never really study, i study, but not really, macam celup2 jer, arghh, yg penting ending! =p plus study hard? not me okie, mesti study smart, tp tu pun x sgt juga, haha! yg penting i understand...) Midterm is just around d corner, straight after midterm break... Insyaallah lar...

Whatever it is, paintball, please get out of my head!!!

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