Monday, March 8, 2010

Oh! Midterm break...

Okie fine, throughout my midterm break ni kan, i haven't done anything yet okies! arghh... I went back to Segamat last Friday, and I'll be back soon, on Sunday... My midterm paper will start on next Tuesday, and on the following weeks 3 papers will coming up! And by now, have NOT done anything yet! Okie lar tu, kata break, haha!

All these while, i've been facebooking, blogging(ni background baru ni, perasan tak...=p), waking up late, watching tv, watching movies, memasak(ceh, xder lar,gurau jer lar!=p)... Hmm, so, supposingly i should open my book by, tomorrow! =p book! not facebook, afifah!!!

And all these while i'm at home, mama asyik masak jer kan! Sedangkan i really really really really really have to lose weight! Seriously! =(

Tomorrow gonna be Tuesday, cepatnyerrr... Ha! and my driving licence will be renew! No more "P" nanti...! Bila balik Cyberjaya nanti, sticker "P" akan ditanggalkan, hahahahaha! =D Tapi drive tak bole lar langgar2 lagi... =( Kata big girl, kan!

And just now i watched Academy Award, The Hurt Locker won the title!(nak update pasal academy award tomorrow lar! ehehe) So, satu lagi kerja, banyak nya good movie i wanna watch! hihi =p

And scroll down and find d post where i talk about my addiction, start to miss those activities by now...

But then, for now, i would like to(ceh, would like to) enjoy the rest of my holidays... And for this comin' weekend will attending whatever Family Days thingy... Meet the family... hmm~

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