Thursday, February 11, 2010

Today, we went to Sunway Pyramid since our class has been cancelled... Just like heaven!!! Haha... My main motif is to shopping!!! =D But our friends yang 2 3 orang ni nak sangat skating, but kitaorang tak nak since tira's leg pun not in a good condition(ceh!haha... =p) So, 6 of us, headed to Sunway Pyramid... Me, Tira, Nadiah, Aness, Gee & Ratna, we went by two cars coz ratna will straight go back to Subang Jaya later on... So, Tira, nadiah & Aness was with me & Gee with Ratna... We arrived first, coz ratna ikut jalan lain (i mean sesat sikit lar, i ni, tu pun nak cerita ker, jangan mara, haha =p) So, after meet up, dilemma, where to have our lunch... Too many restaurant around us, dont know which to choose kan! =p So, finally, Kenny Roger's!!! Me loveyyy ... Sedapnyerrr... I can even imagine it now... yumm...

So after that we separated... Ratna, Geemah & Aness go skating; me, Tira & nadiah go SHOPPING(my favourite)!!! So, for the day, i bought a new purse, a shoes, a slippers & a cardigan(for mama actually, she ask me to buy one for her) =D Tira also bought a shoes... same shop...=p muka tira selepas membayar =D

our pose (ececeh)

Love this street, exotic...!

So happy gotta shop... But actually i want to shop again soon because i haven't buy any clothes yet... =D Updating soon! =)

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