Monday, February 8, 2010

Benefit San Francisco

Okie, for now, i'm soooo in d shopping mood okie... Seriously, i can't stop thinking about SHOPPING, i want to shop for anything!
Btw, just now i skipped 4 hours classes, tak sihat lar, seksanya sakit... =(

So, that sunday, i went to Midvalley with my parents, coz mama need to get her hmm toner moisturizer and so on... And i pun tumpang sekali... =p So, we headed to Metrojaya cosmetic department... While mama search for her product and listen to the Clinique promoter to blabbering, i walk around there lar, and just beside the Clinique booth, there's this brand tau, it sooo catch my attention : the decoration of the booth(why i keep on typing booth,booth, betul lar kan?whatever lar), the color of the surrounding, the packaging of he products... Me likeyyy... And i thought the brand just enter malaysia's market, but the promoter said, it have been 4 years... opps, sorry, first time heard of that...*malu malu* =p Benefit San Francisco... =)
So, i tried the makeups... Ok, best juga... I kinda like it... But as for trial version(ceh!), i bought the makeup base, named "that gal" primer by Benefit... I kinda like the Benefit Benetint, can be applied on the cheeks and lips... =) cantik...!

testing2... diaorg yg make-up
This is the one i bought, it will give u pinkish look, coz it a base (let see whether i'll turn into pink panther, hahaha!) =p

Ish3x! Shopping mode memang macam ni...!!! Seriously i'm really into shopping for these few days arghh!!! I wanna buy tops, shoes, keychains, watch, skirts, shawls... Teruk kan!!! Whatever! I'm gonna shop, dalam masa yang sangatttt terdekat ni!
Ish, baru teringat, there's few t-shirt i dont even worn it yet...
takper lar, i wanna buy new tops, not t-shirts...hihihi~ =pp

p/s : i wanna study!!! Please motivate me!!! =(

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