Thursday, December 7, 2023

The Bentong Farm, Bentong, Pahang

Assalamualaikum & hi guys!!!

Your kids love animals? Or you are an animals lover yourself?
Just 1 hour drive away from KL, you will find a perfect spot for an escape from the city!

The Bentong Farm 文东休闲农场

This 27 acres beautifully landscaped land, is the home to over 100 species tamed yet exotic creatures such as Pink/Albino Buffalo, American Camelid Mammal Alpaca, friendly small sheltered Pony & many more!

Your kids (and you) will love this place as we can all touch, feed, and interact closely with all the animals there!

Harga Tiket The Bentong Farm


Savannah is definitely one of our favourite section, 'cause there're a lot of animals that we can see and interact, here!

There're goats, sheeps, deers, turkeys, and many more that you can touch, and feed, freely! 

Animals Places

Exhibition Hall

After Savannah, you will pass thru an exhibition section, where there're Zebra, Alpaca, and other interactive animals like hedgehog, kakatoo, racoon & other reptiles... 

Pahang Attractions

Bird Aviary

For those who love bird watching, u might spend more times in this bird aviary. 
I enjoyed watching the birds, as well as ducks, moving around in their habitat...

Peacocks, chickens, and other small birds were there too, for you to watch! U can touch them, if u there! 

Fyi, all the animals in Bentong Farm are interactive, u can touch all of them, as long as u are brave enough!

Moo Moo & Friends

When we reached this part of the farm, it started to rain... Thus we only spent a lil bit of time here! 
There were different types of cows here, not just the typical cows u see at roadside...
But that kind of cow also here, it just there're more cows species 😆

Lembu pun manja, how?

Bunny Land & Tortoise Land

Wherever we go, of course, playing with bunnies is something that we look forward to do! 
This cute creatures always captures our heart!

We gotta feed them with their favourite food, carrot, eventho some of them are not really hungry already! 

However, the tortoise seems still very hungry... 
But Rifqi is a bit too scared to feed the tortoise at first, so I had to stepped in 😆

Binatang di The Bentong Farm

Longkang Fishing

For longing fishing, I don't participate much...
I let Rifqi and his papa to catch the fishes all they want! 

OOTD Spots

Fyi, there're a lots of beautiful spots with amazing scenery for your OOTD spots!

For those who love to dress up and take pictures, just, dress up accordingly, and take as many pictures as u want!!!

Tempat Menarik di Bentong

Tempat Menarik Di Pahang

Kuantan Attractions

Opening Hours

(Close every Tuesday except Public Holidays & School Holidays!)

The Tickets Prices

Adult  [>12 years old] 
RM48 (Mykad)
RM68 (Non-Citizen)

Kid  [90cm to 12 years old]
RM38  (Mykad)
RM58 (Non Citizen)

Senior Citizen[>60 years old] 
RM38 (Mykad)
RM58 (Non Citizen)

More details

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  1. I've been to this farm before & it's absolutely a great educational visit especially for kids. Cheers Siennylovesdrawing

  2. Wow!!! Bentong Farm looks like a cool place to visit. I pun tringin nak ada agrovacation lagi. Thank you for sharing your experience.