Sunday, November 13, 2022

#Review : Parrot Natural Bodywash Products, Adorable & Classic Scents for You!

 Assalamualaikum & hi! 💕

Nice scents, freshness & soft to skin.

3 elements that I always look for in my bath products.

I love to feel fresh for the entire day after my morning shower! It is very important to keep my energy rolling 💕

PARROT NATURAL  is definitely new in Malaysia (formerly known as Popinjay Soap). Originated from Thailand, I'm pretty sure this body care products range will be Malaysian's favourite! 

They're already my favourite since I tried 'em!

To be honest, when I first received the package of Parrot Natural, I placed them in my room and the smells of these soaps linger around my room. I wonder "what so wangi...", "where are these nice scents comes from"... And then baru teringat, oh, it's from theParrot Natural package I received earlier!

Product Info

Originated from Thailand, Parrot Natural is: 


✓Unique Thai Botanical Fragrance with Traditional Herb Oil

✓Long Lasting Freshness

Parrot Natural Bodywash range is also the Pride of Thais, received Premium product of Thailand Award in Beauty and Personal Care Category, given by the ministry of industry.💖

Parrot Natural consist of two main products: Bar Soap & Botanical Shower Cream.

Parrot Natural Bar Soap

As a traditional kind of girl I am, I personally do prefer bar soap.

I love the idea of bar soap softly reach my skin and then cleanse as well as leave very adorable long lasting smells to my body💜

Here are 5 Bar Soap from Parrot Natural I would love to share with u:

💟Thai Botanical & Herbs (No.1 Best Selling!)

Unique Thai Botanical Fragrance with Clove oil and Citronella oil.

💟Thai White Jasmine

Pure Whispering Sweet Scent of Thai Jasmine that will pamper your skin with extract

from Jasmine and Tamarind

💟White Sakura

Gentle fresh with white Sakura, infused with brighter and natural pinkish skin

💟White Thanaka (MY FAVOURITE!!!)

Refreshing with “White Thanaka”  (classic Thai beauty remedies), for a brighter and long lasting fragranced skin

💟Sweet Pink Roses

Sweet Romance Scent of Rose & can enhance skin with Rose scent and Aloe Vera

Parrot Botanical Shower Cream

I am pretty sure that most of u would love to use the shower cream in this more convenient packaging.
Similar to the bar soap, these shower cream comes in a few nice smelling scents... 

3 scents of Parrot Botanical Shower Cream are: 

💗Thai Botanical & Herbs
Parrot’s Signature scent exquisitely combined of rare Thai botanicals,
revealed skin fresh and scented last long. Long lasting fragrance skin 8 hrs. This is the classic scents that most of the Thais used for generations.

💗White Tanakha (My Personal Favourite!!!)

Promotes smooth radiance long lasting fragrance. I love the casual but sweet smells of this White Thanaka. Can last for 8 hours too!

💗White Sakura
A refreshing fragrance with White Sakura infused with nourishing properties for a brighter natural pinkish and long lasting fragranced skin.
For those who are romantic at heart, this feminine scents suit u best!

Thai Botanical & Herbs

White Thanaka

White Sakura

The Texture

Parrot Natural Bodywash is my new favourite!!!

To be honest, this is my first time I heard about this classic brand from Thailand, Parrot Natural. 
But I just love the range, the scents and how it  work on my skin,

These soaps and shower cream doesn't make my skin dry and the long lasting smells is just, loveee!

Love at the 1st Smells!!! 

For more details, visit Parrot Natural's Intagram & Facebook page!



And u can also purchase thru Shopee 😀

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  1. produk legend ni. favourite masa zaman sekolah dulu pakai yang warna hijau. Wah ada dalam body wash pula la..,,menarik ni

  2. wahhh bestnya sabun ni. memang wangiiii sangat. dulu2 pernah guna brand ni

  3. I pun suka White Thanaka. Paling wangi, pastu kaler pink pulak tu.

  4. Thanks for sharing this, I remembered the green soap, so gonna grab the new shower cream to try soon.this weekend shopping for. Cheers Siennylovesdrawing

  5. I’m using this too! My husband personally fallen in love with their soap bars. He finished 2 already!

  6. Wah!! Ini memang legend nie.. AM paling suka yang warna hijau dan Pink.. Bau wangian dia AM suka..

  7. Aqidah: Kan! Warna hiaat tu klasik!

    Bae Roslan: Betul! Best sangat! Wangi !

    Zayani: yeayyy! Sama!

  8. Sienny: Yeah u should!!! :)

    Jia Shin : Same here! Love the bar soap!

    AM : Kan! Hijau tu classic, pink pulak sweet...