Saturday, December 13, 2014

Anniversary Dinner : Makan Kitchen @ Double Tree by Hilton

Salam... hi! 

Again, we were having our favourite dinner

After Bijan, or even Tamarind Spring, i want to keep it simple this year, i suggested Bens or Bubba Gump, but then, he said the prices is more or less the same with the nice restaurant's prices, so lets try something new....

This year, this is the place that my fiance & I choosed for our 'yearly special dinner' ;)
Actually he suggested a few selections, and i kinda choosed this one...

After finished with the mall tour in IOI City Mall, we headed to KL, quite early 'cause we afraid of the traffic condition, plus, it was weekday (i'm so glad that he took a day off!!) 

So, this Makan Kitchen is a restaurant chain by Double Tree which located at Jalan Tun Razak.
Around 8 pm, we climb up to level 11, by lift of course, and claimed our booking.

But the place was not actually too crowded and booking might not be necessary, for weekdays... There're few tables were occupied with family or friends having buffet dinner.

As for us, we prefer ala-cart.

The view was splendid and kinda romantic i would say? ;)

He requested a more private table when he called, and here we are, getting a table at a corner, with a nice night view! Enethough no fireworks... and no kneeling down... and no ring in my soup... =.=
Nevermind, that things happen in movies, and sometimes in real life too, just, not my life...
He's sweet enough i should be thankful... 
*tangan di dada mata ke atas*

We didn't ordered these, but the waiter was kind enough to get us some bread & satay from the buffet table...

Thank you.

While waiting for the foods, we just enjoyed the outside night view, and enjoyed each others faces =.=

Crispy Vegetable Spring Roll
RM 14

Lamb Masala
RM 36

Norwegein Salmon
RM 42

And for drinks, he ordered Brewed Coffee (RM 12) and i prefered only plain water :p

For me, my salmon was really good and cooked to perfection, but the salad was kinda too simple, even the salad at Bens were better...

And the rice, i think the rice was good, but doesn't tackled his tastebuds, he still keep complaining until today, blergh...

Overall, i love the place, and i would love to try the buffet in the future! 

Thank you, favourite person!  

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