Friday, October 30, 2009

Well, 2nd semester seems so short... Okie, this time 'round, i will really really do my best okie! Okie, as for my first semester results, it was really bad, u never know how bad it is to me...! But, i have to accept it lar, since it's already passed... And since my parents will always supports me and comfort me... And plus i take this as ujian kecil yang menguji tahap keimanan & kesabaran i... So, i redha with my results and look forward the next steps... ~

So, today, first Intro. to Cyberpreneurship class... Huh, feels like asing giler... Da lar class di petang Jumaat, and toleh kiri kanan, no people that we know... Like haiz, sedih2... Then da lar have to form a group to do business... So, me, tira & nadia combined dgn ain amri, dila,ain saad, jay & some more unknown new people(i know their names actually, sajer jer, hehe)... Hmm, that's all for that class... Hopefully everything's going to be good... =((

About other class pula, Managerial communication, interesting! Finance, somewhat like accounting, so okie, cool... And Quantitative analysis, pun on jer lar... hehehe~ So, i hope i'll be working this time... Hahaha~ 

Anyway, i wish, keimanan, supports and confident will always be with me... =)

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