Friday, November 6, 2020

Vits Exclusive Lucky Draw : Vits Italian Mi Goreng

 Assalamualaikum & hi readers! 
So today i wanna share with u guys, about my favourite brand, Vit's.

I always love products from Vit's and been supporting the brand since the beginning!!
Hope u still remember my last post about Vit's , here (click)...

This time 'round, I have even more exciting news to share with u guys, about Vit's!

Vit's recently launched an online campaign which is called, VITS EXCLUSIVE LUCKY DRAW until 26th November 2020

VIT'S EXCLUSIVE LUCKY DRAW will be LIVE every Thursday 12pm, in Vit's Facebook page!

 To join this contest, just follow the steps below : 

1. Get 2 packs of VITS Italian Fried Fried Bolognese and Aglio Olio products at the nearest supermarket or from any online platform like shopee!
2) Scan QR code to participate in this lucky draw.
3) Fill in the information in the form

4) State your 5 lucky numbers

5) Enter the receipt for the purchase of 2 VITS ITALIAN MI GORENG products

6) Make sure to participate every Thursday on VITS Facebook LIVE lucky draw voting. 

Ain't that easy?

Ok about the prizes, check out the list of the prizes below!

Grand Prize: 
Vespa Sprint 150

1st Prize: 
Iphone 11 Pro Max / Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

2nd Prize:
Nintendo Switch / Realme 6 Pro

3rd Prize:
Buffalo Pro Chef Plus Air Fryer / Toros 6L Pressure Cooker

Consolation Prize:
MiGor Facemask + Vit’s Italian Mi Goreng Series

Please remember that this contest will end on 26/11/2020

VIT'S Italian Mi Goreng

And i also would love to share about Vit's latest product.
Vits Italian Mi Goreng comes in two choices : Bolognese & Aglio Olio.

I've tried them and so in love with both of them!
My husband love the spiciness of the Aglio Olio flavor; and I love the sweet & sourness of the Bolognese Mi Goreng

Too lazy to cook dinner? These Italian Mi Goreng from Vits will definitely useful! 

So hey, let's join the lucky draw, last until 26th Nov

To know more details, checkout the links below! 


Atie Zieya said...

still ada masa nak join contest ni !! sapa2 yg nak join baik cepat

Messarah said...

waa bestnya grand prize dapat menang vespa. goodluck sis!

marsha said...

Sempat lagi nak join ni. Dapat 1st prize pun ok. Dapat vespa lagi best!

siennylovesdrawing said...

This is a great reminder for me to join this contest, gonna start shopping for Vit & join it before the dateline, thanks! :D cheers, siennylovesdrawing

Ummi said...

Bestnya lucky draw ni. Tak dapat grand prize pun takpe. Saya nak air fryer tu je hehehe.

Rawlins GLAM said...

Ok. Nak menang iphone. Haha. Sebab takde lesen moto. But kalau menang moto pun apa salah kan. Ok. Esok sempat lagi join! Thanks share info contest nie

Nina Mirza said...

Vavavaaa...!! Bestnya hadiah lumayan. Hadiah paling last pun air fryer tu. Okey, kita nak sama join contest ni

Aerill Hassan said...

lumayannya hadiah! haish, nak menang jugaklah macam ni. jenama vits memang antara jenama yg saya suka :)

Eiza GreenAppleKu said...

Jenama vits antara yang masuk list barang dapur. Hadiah peraduan pun lumayan. Nak menang iphone lah.

Kitkat Nelfei said...

Sempat lagi Kitkat nak join contest ni.. nak pergi beli produk2 Vit sekarang juga.. Lain daripada yang lain produk Vit ni...

Tengkubutang said...

Wah.. Hadiah dia.. Mengancam habis.. Nak join contest tu sempat lagi ni.. Tapi nak cari produk Vit ni macam susah pulak kat sini..

Sis Lin said...

Nak pergi aeon masih tak sempat lagi, nak cari Vits ni, sebab aeon aje yang ada jualkan..geram nengok yang aglio olio tu.. mana tau kan beli then boleh menang hadiah...

Vocab Pahang said...

Oh lumayan semuanya hadiah-hadiah yang vits tawarkan ni. Good luck pada yang menyertai

Mawardi Yunus said...

waaaa menariknya hadiah yang ditawarkan untuk lucky draw diorang... Good luck pada yang join tu.

Ana Suhana said...

Sempat lagi nak join contest ni nampaknya. Hadiah2 semua menarik tu. Rugi tak join ni.:)

Nadia Johari said...

Tak pernah lagi beli produk vit ni.. Boleh try ni sambil cuba masuk contest.. Hafiah best tu..

Farhana Jafri said...

uniknya mi segera campur flavor pasta italian. Boleh try nanti, untung2 boleh menang hadiah lucky draw tu hehe

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

Dah try mee best. Nanti boleh cari kat aeon dan join contesr

Mohd Zarin said...

Saya ni jarang-jarang masak mee.. tapi kalau sekali sekala teringin nanti saya akan beli mee ni pula. Nampak sedap dan menyelerakan. Lepas tu ada contest. mana tau ada rezeki menang contestkan

Tekkaus said...

Thanks for sharing. I want to take part in this as well. Just look at the attractive prizes to be won. By the way, the instant noodle does look good. :D