Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Birthday Lunch @ Jibby East

 That day, i knew that we're goin' for my birthday lunch, treat from the husband, but i just don't know where he's taking me... I told him about a few restaurant that i favour, macam bagi hint la, takde la i cakap nak celebrate birthday kat sinun... 

And that day, he headed to KL, i really have no idea where he's taking me...
Sampai satu hujung dunia, oh, it Jibby East rupanya, really far awayyy from our place... But yeah, it is in my to-try list :p heeee, thanks sayang!

My birthday cake from him this year ♥ Blew the candle with my lil one this year... =.=

My excited baby... Suka ye birthday mama!

See! How happy he was! My lucky baby ♥

Once we reached there, we were put into a waiting list, cause the place was quite crowded as many people came here for events like bridal shower la, birthday party la, and they had booked their table...
But we only waited for around 10-20 minutes, tak lama pun... And we got our table, we choosed a more private area rather than joining the chaos at the other side :p 

We ordered our foods, dah lapar gila... We ordered chicken wings for starter, hubs choosed asian by ordering Chicken Rice and i go for pasta (as usual)...
Foodwise, lovin' the pasta so much... Sedap gila & really worth it! It stated tiger prawn in the menu, and they were 3-4 tiger prawns swimming in my pasta!!!

Buffalo Wings RM 18

Tiger Prawn & Blue Swimmer Crab Pasta RM 28

Chicken Rice RM 25

Pineapple Juice RM 12 ... And hubs ordered a cup of long black at RM 10...

Our little family...

My everything... ♥

Thanks for the cake sayang!

Anak bapak moment

Me and my lil hero... ♥

My birthday presents that made my day!!! My husband really understand me! ♥

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