Friday, January 20, 2017

Husband's birthday : 2x17 version

It's my husband's birthday again!!!
This year's celebration, there is another fellow joining us :p Need i say more?

Dinner for two!

So this year's birthday, i didnt plan for anything... 
On the birthday, i just wished him, gave him his present, sent him flowers, and had a nice dinner in a restaurant on his birthday weekend... :( 
Where's the romantic couple been??!!! :pp 
Ok, next year next year...
Next year, Rifqi takyah ikut k! :p

 On that weekend, we headed to Shah Alam for THE dinner at a restaurant/cafe i saw in instagram...
All the foods were sooo tempting in the pictures, seems like a nice place, i think...
So i suggested that place, lagipun we went there late in the evening, after a few weddings, so dah penat, main hentam je...
Once we reach there, erm, the place was so dissapointing, macam warung pun ada...
Maybe the foods are good, but the place, the ambience, tak sheshuai langsung...
Leave with no choice, we headed to Empire Subang, and tried our luck in Jibby & Co., no luck, we decided to have our dinner in Serai instead, knowing the quality of the foods and the ambience are both satisfying!

Creamy Penne Pesto Chicken (RM 26)

Grilled Honey & Lemon Thyme Chicken RM 29

Pandan Banana Fritters RM 13

 The foods, were awesome! The banana fritters especially!
But it a lil bit too sweet as well!
Really, never get bored of Serai...
Wanna try out their other dishes & lauk-pauk next time!
And of course their other desserts!
I heard they have the best desserts!

Proper photo is not so easy u see...

And, i kena cepat2 update his birthday stories... Cause someone's birthday's up next!
Who's birthday eh? Siapa? again?

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