Wednesday, March 16, 2016

My Wedding Story : Solemnization Ceremony Overview I

That morning, woke up super early with the girls(who slept with me in the floor), and memulakan kerja2... had breakfast and then the girls mula ironed their clothes, and my clothes :p

Later around 10am+, the photographer came over to take the photos of my outfits, as i requested. 

And then, i started to get ready, nikah ceremony is going to be around 3pm, and the makeup artist gonna arrived anytime soon lepas zuhur. 

Kak Amy arrived and started to dolled up my face with just soft look...
When she asked nak pakai lipstick color apa, the girls bising "Pinkkk..." 

After done with makeup, the photgrapher came over to my room and took a few snaps of me and also the girls... 

tayang baju :p

My favourite girlssss!

Adni and her puksu boy posing dekat pelamin...

On the other hand, Izzat whom arrived at Segamat in the morning was at the homestay with the boys and he seems nervous plus he got flu on that day.,,

Good luck sayang! 

My dulang girls are ready with the dulang waiting for my husband's family to arrive... :p

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