Friday, September 4, 2015

Madame Waffle @ IOI City Mall

Couple weeks ago, after a busy and hectic Saturday (with laundry, tidying up the house, ironing the clothes, cooking and other housewife thingy), we finally went out for a coffee sesh... IOI City Mall is the most convenient place to go for us!

 I ordered Matcha Waffle with honey & husband ordered Matcha waffle with Chocolate
RM 6.90 each

Wandering around and decided to find waffle or pancake place! 
I was imagining a stake of pancakes or waffles beautifully decorated with fresh fruits and syrup...
But i was not so sure whether there is such place in this mall.

So Madame Waffle just pop up in front of us and we just, hmm, decided to try, cause we were quite hungray...

The waffle turns out to be a cute little waffle but taste splendid!
Lucky that they tasted good!!!

Both of us had to order matcha waffle 'cause they're out of original waffle... 
I was afraid to try at 1st ('cause the waffle was green!!!), but well, i had to... 
And i'm loving the crispy-ness and the overall taste of the waffle! Thumbs up!!!

Cappucinno was around RM 11.00 and long black at around RM 7.50

Just another date 

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