Monday, August 31, 2015

Top 10 destinations in Malaysia

Well, since today is the Independence Day of Malaysia, I'm gonna write about something close to heart... hahaha
Fyi, i'm quite a patriotic kinda person, and if u saw a car with a flag on it, that might be my car... 
I am serious... =.=

Since i'm so stressed out about work today, so i'm gonna write bout something more relaxing which is my favourite spots for vacation in Malaysia!

Even i would like to write bout more places, i think 10 is sufficient, for now :p

10. Cherating, Pahang

I always loves beach, and in Cherating, too many resorts by the beach u can choose from to relax from the hectic life of the city! 
Most of the resorts offers services like spa, bicycle ride, and swimming pool.
Cherating is quite an authentic place to go as the route are surrounded with Malay village, lots of stalls selling keropok lekor and local snacks by the road side, and the beaches are free from any pollutions or development!

9. Kuala Terengganu

As u already reached Cherating, further front is Terengganu. 
Kinda food heavens place! 
I loves their sata, keropok lekor, nasi dagang, laksam and the list goes on...

Most importantly, the reason my family and i always hit Terengganu is to do Songket & sutera shopping! 
Awwwww lets, shoppers!

8. Bukit Tinggi. Pahang

7. Kuching, Sarawak

Sarawak is the largest state in our country.
What i loves most about Sarawak is, Laksa Sarawak and Mee Kolok (the foods originated from Sarawak!)
Been to Sarawak and visited a few places like Sarawak Cultural Village, Bako National Park, Crocodile Farm, had seen Gunung Santubong and my favourite activity in Sarawak is River Cruise-ing

6. Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

There's so much to be explore here!
The foods, the city, Gunung Kinabalu and the islands around here...
Best known for their beautiful islands, island hoping is one of the activity u can consider besides climbing the famous Gunung Kinabalu (if u're hiking type of person).
I've been to Manukan Island(the beautiful island with lots of Nemo, Kundasang(to watch Kinabalu Mountain) & K.Kinabalu City!
And if you're food lover, don't miss out the seafoods and chicken wings (sayap, they said) here!

Definitely planning to go there again!

5. Melaka

Melaka is known as historical city. But nowadays Melaka is so much more than that!
Too many attractions in Melaka... My favourite is Jonker Walk, definitely! It is an authentic shopping heaven, only available at night... Try google and see how beautiful Jonker Walk is!
Oh sorry too much mumbling about JUST Jonker Walk...
Also, please, try the river cruise, visit A'Famosa, red house, try the tricycle or beca (my favourite!) and many more!
Oh, so much more to explore!
Dont forget to try Asam Pedas Melaka! And Pak Putra Tandoori and Naan Restaurant is one of the rising star in Melaka! Been there and, yeah the naan is good!
Bout the naan, i have to write another post :p
Takkan nak cite naan sampai ke sudah ye dok...

4. Cameron Highland, Pahang

Cameron Highland is also one of my favourite place in Malaysia. For me, it represents nature.
Tea farm, rose gardens, strawberry farms and the latest one ,lavender garden!
Sounds cool kan!
You can spend the whole day to visit these places and spend an evening having tea with the amazing view (just like the picture above!)
That's just my suggestions, boleh je nak buat itenary sendiri... :p
And having steamboat at the cold weather sounds like a good idea as well!

3. Penang

Oh! Penang is my favourite town as well!
(semua favourite macam mana ni?)
But i do really do loves Penang so much, modern but still authentic!
Besides, Penang is also known as the food heaven!

In Georgetown, u can see many beautiful old buildings, where the tourists loves to take photos!
(yeah, like i did in the photo above :p)
Another favourite part of Penang that i loves is, Batu Feringhi!
There are several hotels by the beach that u can select from to have a good stay!
None of them will disapoint you!

And food wise, Nasi Kandar, Char Kuey Teow, Pasembor, Mee Sotong, Laksa Penang etc.
Just, find the right place k!

2. Pulau Langkawi

Since i placed Langkawi as no.2, i must be really liking Langkawi, right?
Actually yeah, kind of...
What i love most about Langkawi is, i dont know, i just love sightseeing around Langkawi, and buy cheap chocolates as well as kitchenware!
Cable car, Langkawi Geopark and Makam Mahsuri is some of the attractions in Langkawi,
but my personal favourite is, hanging around Pantai Cenang. 
Soooo relaxing and peaceful~~~~ (feel the breeze...)

1. Kuala Lumpur

KL, the place i had to face every day, but i still loves it!
Many places that can be visited, just, google
But my favourite activity in KL is food hunting and cafe hoping!

Hope u enjoy my entry, bye!
Husband, lets honeymoon lagi? in Malaysia, lets! :p

Images sources : google and my personal photo


Puteri Panda said...

Sayap Ayam! Hahaha... Kalau pergi Sabah, cuba cari sayap ayam di Bongawan. Rasa sekali mesti nak berkali-kali. Kalah tempat lain. Dijamin! Masa operasi mula jam 5pm atau 5.30pm. Bergantung pada penjual tersebut jam berapa mereka nak buka. Klu nasib x baik, pergi waktu mereka x buka. Haha. KK ke Bongawan ambil masa 1 jam setengah perjalanan. X berbaloi pergi sebab buka pun waktu petang melainkan tinggal di Homestay berdekatan. Di Sabah, awal sejam gelap berbanding di KL. Oh, ya! Jangan lupa pergi Grace Point Food Court untuk mencuba Ambuyat, Sambal/Jeruk Bambangan & Mee Tuaran. Imago shopping mall baru buka bulan 3, 2015. Sana ada Sephora, Bath & Body Works, H&M, Kate Spade, Charles & Keith dan banyak lagi. ^^

A Girl Like You said...

Wow wowwww! U orang sabah ke?thanks for sharing! Kalau ada chance pergi sabah nnti i'll explore tmpt2 yg u cakap ni! :) last time makan sayap ayam tu dekat bandar KK je, for sure yg kat Bongawan lagi sedap kan!!!