Sunday, August 16, 2015

Bath and Body Works Haul ✿

One day before my husband and I went for our so-called honeymoon, we dropped by Nu Sentral to find some money exchange place. And he shopped =.= he bought a new pants... 

And i, yang dah lama memendam rasa nak beli, bought lotions from Bath and Body Works! 

As we all know, Bath and Body Works has billions trilions trizzillions products to choose from and surely we'll get dizzy entering the shops...
but nevermind 'cause the staffs are really helpful...
So i got my catches! 

1. Endless Weekend Body Mist
Aqua green with pink and yellow strips bottle does reflects the relaxing theme of Endless Weekend! 
Smells quite tropical and fruitilicios. According to the staff it's mixture of fruits and floral.
I'm not a fan of fruity smells (except apple), but this one i still can like it! 

2. Frnch Lavendar & Honey Bubble Bath
Awwwww this is my most favourite!  Resembles sweetness & coziness with puplish packaging.
Mixture of lavendar & honey, I always loves honeylicious smells! 
It is sweet and we knew it!

3. Cashmere Glow Body Lotion
Mysterious and sexy, two words i would use to describe this one!
Dominated with vanilla & peach layered with cashmere musk  create a mysterious & "catch me if you can" mood for this fragrance. 
However, in my opinion it smells so much like caramel. It's sweet(and sexy and cute) and i like it!

4. Mad About You Body Lotion
The packaging are pink and sassy.
Layered with peonies and vanilla smells, make this fragrances so sweet and elegant.
Always save the best for mom! 
Thus, i gave this to my mama already!
Heeee, i'm a good daugther i know 

Can't wait to add on more Bath and Body Works products into my vanity!!! 

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