Friday, May 15, 2015

ROA by Jovian Mandagie @ Bangsar

Last weekend, BEFORE having my 3rd fitting, we were so so hungry and we stopped by ROA and had our late lunch! 

Elok sangat makan before fitting, well life goes on~~~ makan lepas fitting pun, sama jugak! Ye dok... lagi better makan before fitting 'cause makan before fitting boleh la alter if sempit! No, i'm kidding, takde maknanya nak alter besar-besarkan baju tu ye! No way no wayyyyyy!
Konon =.=

Since we went here on weekend, so no lunch set! Otherwise, lagiii jimat...

We entered the restaurant & choosed a place near to the wall/mirrror, so that we can cermin diri jangan makan banyak sangat... 

Has been a while since our last fine dining sesh... 
Yeah i consider eating in a nice-looking restaurant, with good service as fine dining... 
No taxes we charged though... Thumbs up ROA!

While sitting there waiting for our foods to come, we flipped the paper that we place on the table & hmm, we learnt a new language! So we sat there and practicing our Manadonese vocab! :p

And we pretend to look at our phones for candid pictures purposes! :p 
Gahaha~  (that was my idea)!

The no. 12 meant something tho... 
12 days more to go since that day, so, love is totally in the air...! :p 
Love banyak sangat in the air sampai boleh kasi lemas! wah, metafora gitu~ 

The foods we ordered... Yeah i just ate a plate of carb before a wedding dress fitting sesh! 
Nevermind nowadays kan banyak technology to make u look slim! :p 
Tak gitu?!

Ayam Rica2 - jovian's favourite
(RM 12.50)

This is really spicy! It was nice, but not my ultimate favourite!

Terung Saos Telur
RM 8

So this one is my favourite! Love it so so much!!!

Sapi Bumbu Sate Garo
RM 14

This one, too, is my personal favourite! It taste a bit like kuah sate and it's really nice! 

Last but not least, the photo of t̶h̶r̶e̶e̶ two of us


Puteri Panda said...

Teringin nak makan di ROA tapi belum ada kesempatan. Last sekali tu lawak. Haha.

A Girl Like You said...

haha kan! when i posted gambar tu kat insta pun macam krik2 orang tengok :p