Monday, April 27, 2015

Team Dinner @ Plan B

salam. hey...
Ok, this is so much a worklife balance =.=

When i was pointed to be in charge to find a place for our team dinner (which consists of 8 person), i straight away select few restaurants not too far from our office for my clique to select from :p I'm too lazy to waste time & energy... So since the point of such dinner is to mingle, we can mingle anywhere, plus the early we reached, the more time we have! :pp since the budget keep increasing, list i bertambah2 kerlas hari demi hari... 

Fyi, the company i work for always prepare budget for each and every teams in the company to have such event... So, my team want to have dinner this month (i prefer lunch though :p)

Since it almost month end, faham-faham, pocket pun koyak, so elok lah pun dapat makan bertaja, gitu...
(that's why i choose a date towards month end, muehehe, evil laugh, again ;p)
Alhamdulillah ... (tiba2 bunyi insaf)

Well the final decision voted by everyone is, Plan B. The branch not far from our office, of course...

Chargrilled cheeseburger  RM 33
Marinara Spaghettini  RM 30
Soft Sheel Crab Spaghettini  RM 33
Aussie Chicken Burger  RM 30
Lamb Sausage & Tomato Linguine  RM 30
Carbonara  RM 26


Ima said...

Wahhh nampak sedap je. x penah g.

Jemput ke blog

Izzati Amira said...

one day. nak buat cenggini jugak! hehe