Thursday, April 23, 2015

Pengantin Wannabe ♥

Salam and hi all! 
Despite of being a loyal reader to Pesona Pengantin lately, it is such an honour to be featured in the magazine itself (even just for one page) 

Eventhough the dress is not in my size, it was quite large, i'm satisfied on how it turned out to be in the magazine!
Thanks to the professional photographer for the beautiful photo, the Pesona Pengantin Team for their warmness & the cutest and sweetest MUA, Kak Ann Karim!

It was such a good experience being in the photoshoot.

Don't forget to purchase May editionu can skip my page if u dont want to read about my dreamz weddingzzz :p LOL
(May might gonna be my favourite month!) 
Love is in the air ~~~♥♥♥

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