Saturday, December 6, 2014

Manicure Sesh @ A-Saloon Alamanda

Salam. hey! :)

Did i mentioned? I did my manicure last two weeks, at a new place? I used to do it at The Nail Parlour, but this time i tried A-Saloon

Too bored at home alone, so i went out and 'do something'... 
Plus i knew i'm gonna have a 'kinda-special-dinner' to attend few days later...

Btw, Mani & Pedi's prices has increased, peeps! sigh~

I only did express manicure
It cost me RM 38 (including buffing)...

The place was good...

Plus, the service was as good as The Nail Parlour! 
Was thinking to take their mani-pedi combo next time! Kinda cheap compare to NP.

But psttt, i dont know why i still prefer nail parlour! :p Maybe because the shops are cuter?!

Anyway, my blog posts/entries has been so miserable lately! I dont know which comes first and which comes next anymore!!!

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