Monday, December 8, 2014

Coffee Ritual @ Publika

After we had a progressive surveying session, (not that progressive actually, we just went to one place, hehe :p)
we don't know where to go, for coffee sesh (as usual, he and his coffee, blergh), plus it wasn't weekend, traffic jam everywhere, and i don't know how we got here in Publika.

So, we started to browse the coffee shops there, one by one, back and forth, until we found 'the one'

We finally choosed Coffee Ritual. It seems new, 'cause we never saw it before. 
And the place seems cozy and not too crowded. So, we gave it a shot!

His Americano
RM 8

My Cappuccino
RM 11

And we shared one set of pancakes
RM 9

The pancakes were good, not too thick and, we loved it! 

Overall, nice place to chill. I saw a lot of people were having their dinner there! 
But even if there is next time, we'll still prefer 'just coffee' :)

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