Monday, December 1, 2014

Ahmad & Co.

After a meatball sesh at Ikea, as usual he will seek for coffee, i layankan je~ 
Btw, i love loveee to dine in ikea! Never bored! Just like i never bored to go out for dates with u ;) Cheezy... =.=

Ahmad & Co. was our choice this time & this humble little cafe is located at Kota Damansara, just few miles away from The Strands. 

The ambience was good, not crowded! 
Soooo good to discover a new place like this instead of joining the 'crazy' crowd in the coffee shops at TTDI just for a good coffee sesh!

This shop is managed by a few young men and the shop was really humble and comfortable. Humble, in a good way!!!

Just, one thing, the seat was quite hard la bro! :p more sofas please!

Instead of having coffee, i ordered iced tea... Didnt i told u that i'm kinda sick of coffee lately?

Long Black
RM 7

Peach iced ted
RM 10


Yatt Akasah said...

wah suka cafe camni.. dating paling best.hehehe

A Girl Like You said...

Heee~ Kan! tak crowded & cozy je!