Saturday, July 19, 2014

My Iftar Story : Iftar with SRM-nians

Salam ramadhan to all...
Finally finallayyy! Gotta gather together with these peeps! It not so easy to meet up with the SRM-nians ya know, especially the seniors (not my seniors, it their seniors) like Rom, Azy, Pijie, Ali etc...
(oh to get to know who is who, please visit "SRM" label entries! It all available -->)

Tapi i always bumped into my juniors... 
However, thanks to Amal, who gathered all of us, regardless of ages, haha! 
Love ya la mal!

So this is Amal, the one with green cardi on the right with
(from left : Fatin, Sulina & Shaniza)

Located at Nando's Cyberjaya, since Cyberjaya is the most convenient place for all MMU or ex-MMU students! We just love cyberjaya ya know! :p

Wanna know how sweet we are? we can share this cute little brownies around the table & still got some leftovers! Bukan tak sedap atau kedekut, tapi memang sharing is caring... 
Thanks to Ali sebab bought this brownies... 
Eh i'm serious bab sharing is caring tu tau, bukan bergurau...

Group photo is a must...! 

These are the girls!
Azy, Shaniza, yours truly, Nadiah, Fatin, Sulina & Amal 

Thank you for the great time guys! Semoga bertemu lagi pada ramadhan yang akan datang :)

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Liza Nova said...

sedapnya... nampak nyam nyam..

Best dapat berbuka ramai2.. meriah.

keep updating ye... nanti akak singgah laghi!