Monday, July 28, 2014

Salam aidilfitri

Salam aidilfitri, salam satu syawal & salam satu malaysia everyone!

Well, it's hari raya already! so, i would like to wish everyone a very selamat hari raya, eh!

i actually havent finish updating my 'iftar story', phew, panjang lah sangat pulak doh... bersiri sangat okayh!
nevermind, i will update 'em later, iftar & raya entries! all in one!
I pinky promise u! 

Eventho no one wants to read!


So, i bet u guys can guess what is my raya theme color this year already right!
Bye! My papa is bla bla-ing over there already! need to go back kampung now! 
Till then!

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