Monday, March 4, 2013

Bumbu Desa

Indonesian cuisine! I like this place, the deco, the services & the foods were awesome!

30 % off for students or Digi users!
Also, no membership fees is required to become member! Awesome ite!

I kinda into spicy foods nowadays, so we've choosen indonesian cuisine this time for our date! ;p
Plus, there are so many privileges offered by this restaurant!

White rice 
RM 2.20 / person

Ayam Masak Ijo
 (ijo tu hijau la kalau xsilap kamus bahasa indonesia i, kah2!) :p
RM 11.50

Tempe Bacem
(sedap sangat! Manis2 sikit!)
RM 6.50

RM 7.50

See! the deco here! Plus all those Bali tradisional song, dah boleh buat spa dah kat sini!

another special menu shown there! 
Ikan Talapia
Around RM 20++

Nak try nanti lah! 

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