Monday, February 11, 2013

A Farewell Dinner

It has been quite a long time, we did not have gathering like this, the last time i remember was during 2011's Ramadhan... lama gile!

And sadly, this might be our last gathering as Bachelor of Accounting students... 

Look carefully, these are the future faces
the future accountants, auditors, managers, CEO's, CFO's, housewives... :p
I believe in my friends, we'll be somebody one day! ;p *eceh*
Product MMU lah katakan! ;)

Inilah boleh dikatakan, geng kitaorang! ;pp

Situated at Umai D' Lake Garden Cafe, we messed up this place! 

Kecoh bukan kepalang...

With Intan, teringin nak panggil kak Intan plak! :p

Btw, i'm loving that bag i'm using, it a gift from him ;p

One of my favourite photo here! ;) 

And this is my final year roomate, Syaliza Shariff! ;p

Team colored pants, kelas kau maria~ 
ezza, iqa, fifa, syaliza, anwar, syafiq
(mungkin color seluar tu lari sikit dalam gambar ni, tapi ikut color nama tu, dijamin xsilap!) :p

Ni geng jirans
These are all my neighbours! :D

And these people, have finished all their subjects... one semester earlier!

Nice dinner, with nice people... 

Latest edition! ;)

4 years had past... and thanks for the memories! ;) 
Semoga kita semua success! See ya in future!


shiQin Az said...

cant help loving your pants! cantik ^_^

A Girl Like You said...

I'm lovin' it tooo! <3