Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tappers Cafe, Cyberjaya

It had been so long since last time we dine in in a fine restaurant together and chillexing!
But to gather all of us, it quite impossible because our schedule are different, but i'll arrange one, for all of us, hopefully i'll get some support lah kan! hihi! ;)


Lunch Time

This one, located in Tappers Cafe, Cyberjaya...!
And they are all my jirans! ;)

 Nadiah & Mirrah 

Ezza & fifa 

 Mula2 tu ingatkan nak suruh staff situ snap kan pictures, 
but tetibe je ramai plak customers... 
So kami yang considerate ni, tangkap la sendiri...! :p

We ordered set lunch, the prices of the foods was ok! 
Not exceed RM 15 including a beverage for each set! ;)

Sweet & Sour Fish Rice (Mine) 
Chicken Parmigiana (Mirrah's & Ezza's)
Spaghetti Cream Carbonara (Nadiah's)

The foods were all okay! The Carbonara especially is splendid! ;) 

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