Wednesday, November 28, 2012

#Review The Life of Pi (Premiere Screening)

Directed by Ang Lee, as usual, Ang Lee seldom dissapoint us, doesnt it? :)

This movie is more to motivation, and adventures!
Is this movie good?
For animal lover like me, YES, this is an awesome & splendid movie!

The movie started quite slow, the plot moves slowly and yeah it kinda bored at first, but when it comes to the adventures, it became very exciting already! 

A young man, Pi Patel (Suraj Sharma) is a son of a zoo owner. He lost his family on the way to somewhere, where his family is selling off the zoo and they have to move to other place to start a new life. They travel by a cargo, with the animals because his father need to sell the animals outside India. The cargo was hit by storm and no one survived except Pi Patel, an orang utan, a hyena, a zebra, and surprisingly, Richard Parker,  the tiger.

But the hyena, zebra & orang utan, didnt survived for that long, they died too, so the movie is about Pi Patel & the tiger basically... What happened to them?  What they faced on the ocean?  They both need foods! 

This movie is about love, believe & being true to your heart and others, even if it just an animal... :)

Honestly, i really impressed and i really love this movie so much!  I rate it 4 stars (i could rate it more but because the plot is too slow at first so i rate it 4) 

And movie ni, banyak scenes yang membolehkan kita tengok, betapa besarnya, agungnye kuasa Allah, and in this world, banyak lagi yang, we, human being havent explore... Banyak lagi rahsia in the middle of the deep blue sea...

Okies thank u ;p

p/s : And thanks to nuffnang for giving me two passes for this movie premiere! Thank u thank u thank u! :)


Izyan Hamizi said...

nampak menarik je movie ni. english movie ke indian?

A Girl Like You said...

it english! tp pelakon2 mostly indian plus some english actor! :)Best! Really!

ShopaholicBlinx said...

hai... blogwalking harus di balas :) mcm nakg tgk gak life of pi gak ni..menarik menarik....

A Girl Like You said...

yerpz it is menarik! Go watch it!!! :)