Sunday, October 7, 2012

Penang Getaway

Well, it just a simple vacation, and i gotta spend my time together with one long lost pal, not really long lost, juz dah laaama x hang out! So, this wrap it all! She is Ain Dzulaiqa, my roomate during my foundation year! ;)


Day 1 

Went to Penang by flight, FireFly (Now everyone can fly... Eh tu tagline Air asia, suka hati je!)

We reached Penang around 1.50pm... Once sampai, we took taxi provided by the airport to our motel which located at Penang Street, Georgetown (RM 44)...  We stayed at Friendship Motel (RM 58 nett)... At first, it was kinda awkward to stay in a motel, but since we are not in the room for the whole day, we decided to extend our stay for the second night too...

Little India

Had late lunch at Kapitan, not so far from our place... 
Mine is RM 10 including fresh orange & iqa's RM 14 including a sirap bandung
Yeah it kinda overprice =.=

For the 1st day, we just walk around the streets near to our motel, there are hundreds of streets in Penang! haha!

This is Little India

The streets are full of historical buildings... 

And the street were all connected to each other... 
Masuk sini keluar situ masuk sana keluar sinun...

Nak masuk cafe

Sekali tutup daaa~ :p 

Pintu gerbang ape ntah, eden pun tak tau!

Yeah we got the map from the motel's lobby, it useful!
I pulak TERROR baca map~ tu ayat perli tau!

At night, we went for dinner by walking...

Mee Udang at Medan Selera Renong for dinner...
Food court yang ni, i tak suggest la u all pergi!
(but most of the people call that foodcourt as Padang kota lama, it actually not)
RM 8

And Naan Cheese (RM 3.40) & Roti Telur (RM 1.80) from Kassim Mustafa Restaurant for supper...

Yeah it all about foods! Balik2 overweight terui naaa~



Had our breakfast (or brunch), at Najib Cafe, served Malay Food... Yes, the foods are the common Malay foods~ Near to our place as well...Masakan memang sangat sedap!

Left : RM 4.70; Right : RM 6.30 (Both including drinks) 

Then we took a bus (Rapid Penang) to Feringghi... Yes terror iollls naik bas! :D

Went to Hard Rock Cafe & Hard Rock Hotel, and memang kami terasa rock~ 

Sedikit gambar untuk tatapan anda :pp huehehe...

Hotel lobby...
The light atas kepala kami tu can change colors~  

Penarik beca pun rock2 gak tau kat penang ni! hangpa apa tau! :p

Then we entered Hard Rock Cafe for some drinks!

Iqa ordered Caramel Cheesecake and it tasted awesome! (RM 11.90)

Mango Juice, such a thirst relief~ (RM 11.00) 

Hello Hard Rock Penang!

And then we took a bus again and went to Masjid Terapung / Floating Mosque in Tanjung Bungah, alang2 dah zuhur dah time ni :)

After finished with prayers, since there is a stall in front of the mosque, we just cant resist!

Laksa (RM 3.50) for Iqa & Mee Goreng Mamak (RM 4.50) for me!
Both taste really good! :) Gerai2 lah baru best2 untuk makan! ;)

After that, we took a bus, AGAIN, and sampai la ke kawasan hotel kami...
Actually kami nak turun kat Komtar, but terlepas, nak buat lagu mana~

Explore throughout the streets again!

Found a restaurant that iqa adore so much, but too bad it seems not halal...

So, we move to the cafe next to the restaurant...

Lighthouse Coffee Bar...

Since it only sells coffee & cakes and i saw few malay customer, hmm, halal la tu! :p

My Mocchiaccino (RM 8.50) & Caramel Butterscotch (RM 9.50)
I'm a coffee lover, but iqa is not... For me, the coffee is good, pekat and berasa!!! :)

A great place to chillex-ing...

At night, we had our dinner at Padang Brown Food Court
A lot of foods there, from char kuey tiaw, mee hailam, to sate etc...

We had Celur Celur
Sedap! And banyak pilihan, i tak ingat la i mkn berapa banyak, crabstick, sotong, udang etc!

Haaa, awat nya kami pegi jauh sangat? Hmm, ada kawan kami la bawak! Orang Penang, kenalkan, Diyana!

Thanks Diyana sebab belanja kami naaa! ;)


Day 3

3rd day which means last day :) Hari yang ini ala2 hari belajar sejarah gitew~

Went to Fort Cornwallis in the morning...

Haaaa, actually there was a local friend became our tour guide of the day! :)

Introducing, Yael, Iqa's roomate in Melaka! :)
Dia lah yang bersemangat bawa kami ke sana sini, and it easier because she knows the place!

Lepas Fort Cornwallis, she brought us to museum!

In front of the Penang State Museum...

 Inside the museum...

(Sat lagi atas museum bawah museum semua nak tulis la kan?!)

Bila dah sampai di Penang ni, tak sah kalau tak merasa Pasembur kat sini!
Yael bawa kami ke tempat pasembur terbaik!

Pasembur! It a stall near to friendship motel...
The best Pasembor ever!
Cucur udang dia penuh dengan udang, and kuah dia, hmphhh! Lazattt!
The price is reasonable too!

Then she brought us to Padang Kota Lama Foodcourt for lunch(dia cakap ni baru lah betul PKL, near to Fort Cornwallis)

Mee Sotong, the local's favourite...
RM 4

Then we went to the famous Cendol (RM 2.50), Teo Chew Cendol @ Penang Road 
(font pun color hijau, ala2 cendol gitu! :p)

And because it was raining, we also went to the malls, 1stly, we went to 1st Avenue located in the heart of Georgetown and after that we went to Queensbay which located in Bayan Lepas...

Shopping time~

For dinner, Diyana took us from Queensbay to a char kuey tiaw place, near to her house...

Sany Char Kuey Tiaw (RM 3.50++) for dinner 

Actually, Diyana was the one who sent us to the airport :)
Thank u once again babe! :)

Masa balik KL, our journey took us more or less 30 minutes only... Kelas ko pilot!

Last sekali, i ada serangkap dua kata, Penang memang food heaven! Even most of the foods are suitable for non-malays, but there are also niceee foods for Malays to be explore! this is such a longgg post, i hope this will makes everyone heading to penang okbye! ;p