Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ikea Weekend ❀

Weekend is always my favourite
And Ikea is always LOVE doesnt it? ;p

Ok actually we were not just went to Ikea but more!
In the morning, after settled certain things, went to One Utama, breakfast at Hot & Rollz
Lunch at The Chicken Rice Shop and then chilling there for a while...

Then we moved to The Curve & Ikea
Having juice for tea time (which makes me feel healthy!) & next is Ikea moments! ;p

Do a lil bit of shopping! ;p
And i really love to snap photos in Ikea, there is more! 
but less is more kan! ;p

Early dinner...
Weekend memang agak sesak dengan manusia, tapi memandangkan kami taiko kat Ikea, kibas2 sikit orang2 kat situ dapatlah tempat duduk!

We only had Chicken Leg


Tak macam selalu2 kitaorg belasah macam2, kali ni sopan2 je makan sikit! ;) 


Anonymous said...

ntah pape,pakwe jongang...:p

A Girl Like You said...

tu lah pasel~ dulu ade yg handsome2 ngorat i jual mahal, wakaka! :pp