Monday, September 3, 2012

The Date

WARNING : The post might be cheezy ok thanks bye.

First i had a great weekend! Thanks for the date and the company... Thanks for bringing me to my forever idol's boutique, i did not took any picture in House of Dolls by Fazura coz i am sooo going back there again! And and i had a great tea time, as per requested, by me, and i terkezut sebab tak sangka gitu dapat tea time yang ala2 sweet~ aww, over sungguh~

It has been quite a while i did not posted self-captured annoying ugly photo like this... But phew i'm still lookin' good... *please do not comment on my statement juz agree*

Thanks for putting million smiles on my face... :) All these while i'm so thankful to have you, present & i do pray for the future...

I know sometimes i'm the great & amazing girl (statement perasan mesti kat depan), the crybaby, the annoying poser, the material girl (duh, am i?!), the meangirl, etc (well i think you should know better), but you should know that i will always be a fighter :) I will fight for us anywhere everywhere... Thank you for all the moments, sweet & bitter, it all us! 
I*zat ~

*lagi* (duh annoying kan!) :p

p/s : kan dah pesan kat atas this post is cheezy, kalau dah baca xpayah nak mengutuk ok bye haha!

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Art Impasto said...

penulisan yg mantap...
hensem bf ea...:)