Monday, May 7, 2012

Anjung Jelita Spa & Beauty Centre

Okay, i've been meroyan *ceh siap italic mentang2 start2 tulis english*, been wanted to go to spa for few weeks!!! I'm very lucky, because the famous blogger, Afra Yuri, given me RM 50 voucher of this spa, located in Kajang, Anjung Jelita Spa & Beauty Centre click , went there last saturday...

Usually, my favourite treatment in spa is Full Body Scrub... I dont know why, i just love it when my skin get so soft after the session! But this time, since i've been waited for sooo long for a spa session, i choosed 3 treatments

1. Full Body Massage 
2. Full Body Scrub
3. Sauna...

These are my top 3 favourite treatment...!
And it cost me RM 280

Before started the treatment.

For me, massage helps me to relax my body, mind and soul *eceh soul sekali*, and it also helps your blood circulation... That's my mindset la, thats why lepas urut i pun rasa macam healthy gila, seperti anda mendapat tidur yang teramat cukupnya! ;)

My massaging and body scrub area

While full body scrub membantu untuk membuang sel-sel kulit mati, melembutkan seterusnya mencerahkan kulit... but, kalau hitam mcm i ni hitam jugak, daa~*
Anyhow, body scrub really helps your skin since it exfoliate ur skin and remove dead skin cells!

Bilik sauna di Anjung Jelita Spa

Sauna, my favourite! A new way of exercising! You'll get sweat without even moving your leg, or finger! I love sauna! Just sit there, read magazines, wait for 20 minutes, and daaa, lemak telah dibakar! ;)

Anjung Jelita Spa is a place u can get perfect treatments and really relax yourself! The service is great!

In conclusion, spa can helps you relax, and becoming more healthy! I vote for spa , rather than exercise!

A cup of tea as complimentary :)


ryry said...

Salam..BW kat sini and yeah,sauna is much better than exercising..AHAKS :)

A Girl Like You said...

yeahhh!!! ;)

ShiKa SenGaL said...

nak gi sne jgk!!! :)

A Girl Like You said...

yeah! recommended!